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Skincare and wellness have been my passion for over twenty years now. As a Licensed Esthetician, Certified Natural Health Professional, and Reiki Practitioner my approach to skin care is a melding of mind, body and spirit, and my treatments are intended to heal on all levels of being. 

Through the art of organic skincare, I am dedicated to transforming your skin and soul through luxurious, holistic methods. Working with all skin conditions, and providing education about skin health I look at your whole being, inside and out. 

I invite you to step into a unique getaway and experience the care you deserve. Through conscious, artful, and healing touch in a serene environment, your personalized treatment will nourish you, beautify your skin, and evoke deep relaxation.

I will introduce you to clinically proven organic beauty products and natural mineral makeup for your skin, wellness tips, reflexology for your body, and warm conversation and laughter for your spirit!

In beauty and wellness,

Ginger Yancey

The Skin Healer

Licensed Esthetician