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Mar 30

Suntegrity Natural Sunblock

When Osmosis announced they were discontinuing their Shelter sunblock, I went on a search to find an even better sunblock with great packaging as well.  I wanted a a zinc-based, non-nano particle sunblock that was great for all skin types as well as acne and rosacea-friendly. I came across Suntegrity and ordered some samples. I was so pleased with this sunblock I decided to bring it into my practice and make it available to my clients!   It is free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, minera...

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Eminence Organics- An Industry Leader in Keeping the Planet Green

As I was pondering what skin care line to use in my esthetics studio many years ago, I wanted  to be very thorough and choose the best. It was important for me to choose a line that was safe, organic, with natural preservatives, effective, but also a green footprint. As I research online, toured tradeshow floors, and request samples I realized I was comparing everything to Eminence Organics. I knew Eminence was amazing, but were they the best? After much deliberation I came to a resoundi...

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Chemical Sunscreens Cause Melanoma

Many people diligently slather themselves and their children with chemical sunscreen in an attempt to help protect them from the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure. But new research is showing that the chemical sunscreens are causing more harm than good. I have been teaching about the  xenoestrogen effects (hormone mimicking) and increased skin sensitivity of chemical sunscreens (see Sunscreen Report: What You Need To Know on this website). But now new research is indicating that the ...

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Retinaldehyde: The Most Natural and Effective Anti-Aging Serum Available

There are countless lotions, potions, and serums on the market today to address anti-aging. As a holistic esthetician I began my research by studying the various ingredients for effectiveness as well as safety. What I found was while there are key ingredients listed that have proven benefits, many times the product includes ingredients that have adverse health impacts.  I also found that some formulations contained inexpensive fillers that actually contribute to aging. This lead me on a ...

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