Chemical Sunscreens Cause Melanoma

Many people diligently slather themselves and their children with chemical sunscreen in an attempt to help protect them from the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure. But new research is showing that the chemical sunscreens are causing more harm than good.

I have been teaching about the  xenoestrogen effects (hormone mimicking) and increased skin sensitivity of chemical sunscreens (see Sunscreen Report: What You Need To Know on this website). But now new research is indicating that the chemicals used to block the effects of overexposure are themselves powerful free-radical generators and even pro-inflammatories.

I attended a recent training with holistic M.D., Dr. Ben Johnson, the founder and formulator of Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Care. There I learned that a new double-blinded studie indicates that chemical suncreens increase ones risk of developing melanoma by 67%!

There are many natural, safe sunblocks on the market. It is common practice, even in formulations at health food stores, to combine mineral sunblocks with chemical sunscreens so be sure to read your labels carefully. If you would like a list of safe sun care products you can find of list of recommendations here.



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