Cosmetic Cabinet Clarity

This consultation will give you new perspective and will empower you with smart choices for your skin and over all health. 

Let me ask you this:

How many skin care/body care products do you use everyday?

The average woman uses around ten different products on her skin in her daily routine.

These might be:

  1. shampoo
  2. conditioner
  3. bar soap
  4. toothpaste
  5. deodorant
  6. lip balm
  7. facial moisturizer
  8. eye cream
  9. sunscreen
  10. body lotion

If you wear makeup you can add:

  1. foundation/powder
  2. lipstick
  3. blush
  4. mascara
  5. eye liner

How many did you come up with?

Now consider that each product contains (as least) ten different ingredients. This could easily add up to as many as 150 unique ingredients/chemicals applied on your skin daily.


Are these products sitting on the surface of your skin or do they absorb in?


As much as 60% of what we apply to our skin absorbs into our bloodstream.


Is the FDA monitoring your skin care products?

No, the FDA does not require health studies or pre-market testing for any topical skin or body care products sold in the U.S.  The FDA is The Food & Drug Administration and only governs foods and drugs, not lotions, cosmetics, etc.

This means that nearly 90% of ingredients used in personal care products are not held to any safety standards by any publicly accountable institution.

Do you know what all those ingredients are in your products?


             What you use as a quick fix may be imposing a burden on your skin and your health.

A survey carried out by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health found that 884 chemicals used in personal care products and cosmetics are known to be toxic and estimates that women absorb up to 4.4 pounds of chemicals through toiletries and cosmetics alone over the course of a year. This means that we need to be our own watchdog.

How do you know which ingredients are safe and which ones you should avoid?


Fortunately, there is an abundance of healthy, safe products and ingredients to meet all of our skin and body care needs.

With a Cosmetic Cabinet Clarity Consult, you will receive expert advice.  Be empowered with research and receive personalized attention, reviewing what you use on your skin everyday, and healthy alternatives where needed. 

This consult will make a big difference in your overall wellness and your skin health. Contact Ginger to learn more.

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