Eminence Organics- An Industry Leader in Keeping the Planet Green

Eminence organic skin care plant a tree

As I was pondering what skin care line to use in my esthetics studio many years ago, I wanted  to be very thorough and choose the best. It was important for me to choose a line that was safe, organic, with natural preservatives, effective, but also a green footprint. As I research online, toured tradeshow floors, and request samples I realized I was comparing everything to Eminence Organics. I knew Eminence was amazing, but were they the best? After much deliberation I came to a resounding, “Yes!”  I have used Eminence in my skin care and wellness studio for the past seven years, have had advanced trainings with Boldijarre, master Aesthetician and owner, and the improvements I have seen in my clients skin has been amazing!

Though I provide a line of product that are handmade in Hungary, there are many aspects to the companies green initiative that offset the carbon footprint to bring it here to the states. Here are but just a few:

  • Eminence Organics facilities are powered by solar and wind energies and geothermal heating.
  • All raw fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown organically or biodynamicly.
  • Planting and harvesting of organic plants are done by only manual labor which produces little to no carbon dioxide.
  • Eminence boxes are made from post-consumer recycled material and are recyclable.
  • Plastic product containers are made from recycled, non-toxic plastic and are also recyclable.
  • Their local courier company uses environmentally-friendly hybrid vehicles with 50% reduction in emissions.
  • Forests For the Future project : one tree will be planted for every product sold!

Eminence Green Spa Organic Skin Care seal

Nourish Inside & Out has been rewarded Eminence Green Spa Certification by actively supporting the green movement meeting specific criteria as part of their Green Spa Program. Learn more here.

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