Have you tried Foot Reflexology?

Foot Reflexology is a healing art that has been used for centuries to support your body’s natural healing abilities. Like a hologram, the whole body is reflected in the feet, hands, iris, cranium, and ears through nerve pathways, reflex point/zones, and meridian lines. Reflex points are pressed and manipulated, and the corresponding body part, gland and organ receives stimulation, extra blood flow, oxygen and energy, allowing the body to seek its own balance and continue on with it’s natural task of self-healing.

Reflexology is said to have originated in China, Egypt, and India and is regaining wide acceptance today. This therapy can be used as a preventative measure, keeping the body balanced, for relaxation, and to promote general well being. It can also bring relief to the symptoms of allergies and sinusitis, lung congestion, digestive and elimination discomforts; it can enhance blood and lymph flow, stimulate the endocrine system; boost the immune system; and help the body relax, relieving other areas of stiffness and pain. Chronic and acute conditions, including asthma, hypertension, headaches and colds can also be helped with regular treatments. 

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Photo courtesy of Claire Miller Publications

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