Your Self-Care Regimen

Sometimes called “Home-Care”, the ritual you do at home is very important for the health of your skin as well as for optimal results in your complextion intentions. I like to call this rather “Self-Care” because it truly is “tending to the self” on a daily basis. This is an act of Self-Love as well, something that we could all use more of!

Receiving professional treatments is an opportunity for expert analysis, detoxifying massage, improved lymph flow, acupressure, extractions and other benefits you cannot receive at home. But what you are applying on your skin day-in, day-out really makes a big difference.

Cleansing with an appropriate cleanser washes away the day and removes environmental impurities that can accumulate on the surface of the skin.

By applying your serums and moisturizers, you are in essence feeding your skin. When done  twice a day on a daily basis, it is quite literally a meal for the skin. Once the plant nutrients, oils, vitamins, and minerals have been absorbed and “digested”, the skin is again susceptible to free-radicals, sun damage, and dehydration. Set an intention to feed yourself nutrition on the outside as you feed yourself good nutrition on the inside. 

Please don’t forget to finish with your mineral sunblock to prevent overexposure and hyperpigmentation (sun spots).


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