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Your skin is always changing, be it breakouts, dehydration, seasonal changes, or internal influences. Every facial therapy is carefully tuned to your skin’s needs in the moment and individualized for optimal results.
Anticipate a variety of healing methods such as  Zen chimes, crystal singing bowls,  flower essencearomatherapy, gemstone lymphatic massage, facial acupressure, ReVitapen technology, Celluma Light Therapy, Tesla High Frequency, and Ultrasonic Therapy. Natural organic products are used in therapies and include Eminence Organics, Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare, and Suntegrity Holistic Sun Care.


A “treatment + skin health consult” is recommended for best results.​​​ A “healthy skin consult” will provide a full review of your full skin health history and you will benefit from  skin-improving wellness/lifestyle advice for healthy, radiant skin.

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Osmosis Pur Medi Facial


A young woman relaxing at a health spa while having a facial treatment

  • Clear oily, congested, acne-prone skin – Extractions included
  • Normalizes oil levels by reducing sebum
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin to increase firmness and elasticity
  • Restores antioxidant levels
  • Restores capillary flow
  • Heals redness / inflammation
  • Restores moisture and radiance


Customized Medi Facials are highly active therapeutic treatments using organic herbal masks and vitamin boosters to create a corrective facial experience. They utilize a powerful blend of nutritional ingredients that work synergistically to promote repair and remodeling in the skin while restoring its natural beauty. Also includes extractions, a hand or foot massage.

treatment $95,  60 minutes

treatment + healthy skin consult $130, 90 minutes


Celluma Biophotonic Light Mini Facial

Celluma Biophotonic Light Mini Facial rejuvenating healing treatmentA rejuvenating and healing treatment, and also the best Mini Facial / Special Event Perk-Me-Up ever! Includes an enzyme cleanse, thirty minutes of Celluma Biophotonic Therapy, a customized serum and moisturizer to target the particular needs of your skin.

A series of Celluma Mini Facials can help reduce and control acne, diminish hyperpig- mentation, and rejuvenate your skin by stimulating cellular activity.

single (as a mini facial): $60

series treatment for Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Acne, Rosacea, and Premature Aging:

treatment series of four:  $205      


All series must be used weekly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly.


Nourish Organic Facial

Brunettte getting a head massage in the spa sallon Customized

  • Calm
  • Firm
  • Quench
  • Relax


This Eminence Organics ten-step therapy is customized to your skin type and unique needs. Your skin is nourished with mineral-rich toniques, organic masks and nutritious serums made from fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. A deep-tissue facial and decollate massage further detoxifies, increasing circulation, and releasing tension and stress. Also includes extractions, a hand or foot massage.

treatment $85, 60 minutes

treatment + healthy skin consult $125, 90 minutes


Nourish Organic Mini

Effective skincare for those “on the go”

This customized mini therapy includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, therapeutic mask, moisturizer, and natural mineral sun block.

treatment $65, 40 minutes

(Additional 15 minute/$15 fee may apply if there are many extractions)


Nourish Organic Signature

A head-to-toe blissful therapy

This indulgent therapy includes all of the benefits of the Nourish Organic Facial plus two masks, a Revitalizing Eye Trio-Treatment, Hydrating Lip Trio-Treatment, a deeply rejuvenating shoulder, scalp and decollate massage, and a aromatherapeutic foot and arm massage. Features organic naseberry, shea butter, wild plum, jasmine, cucumbers, and citrus.

treatment $130, 90 minutes
African woman having a mini-facial


The ReVitapen Facial

This exciting new anti-aging or anti-blemish facial dramatically softens fine lines and wrinkles, enhances collagen production, decreases pigmentation and scarring, helps improve skin health while increasing circulation for a firmer more lifted appearance. Designed to reduce the signs of aging by painlessly creating hundreds of thousands of microscopic permeates on the surface of the skin to infuse transformative, nutrient-rich serums.

$150, 60 minutes

Biweekly/Monthly clients only $140

For more information about ReVitapen technology and series specials click here.


The Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation

This therapy combines the ReVitapen Facial with the Celluma Biophotoic LED giving the skin all the outstanding benefits with a calming, collagen boosting or anti-acne light therapy finish.

90 minutes, $180

Biweekly/Monthly clients only $170

For more information about ReVitapen technology and series specials please click here.


Relaxation Meditation

A focus on healing

Rather than a facial, this session is a “mosaic” of relaxing therapies provided for relaxation and healing. Experience a head-to-toe deep meditative experience of Foot Soak & Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Facial Acupressure, Crystal Singing Bowls, Gemstones, and Reiki energy healing.

treatment $75, 60 minutes


New Client Introduction $50

restore internal topical sweetwormwoodYour Skin Care Evaluation Fee will be waived with the purchase of products recommended.

We will discuss your individual skin health/condition, what is working, what is not. Appropriate products will be recommended for your skin needs/goals. Appropriate services will be recommended, your skin will be cleansed, serum, moisturizer, and sunblock is applied.

New clients only, one time use.

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