This exciting new anti-aging or anti-blemish facial drastically softens fine lines and wrinkles, enhances collagen production, decreases pigmentation and scarring, improves acne, helps improve skin health while increasing circulation for a firmer more lifted appearance.

Designed to reduce the signs of aging by painlessly creating hundreds of thousands of microscopic permeates on the surface of the skin to infuse transforming nutrients, DNA repair, stem cell growth stimulators, and collagen boosting vitamin A. Your skin will continue to look better for up to six months. The gift that keeps on giving.​

The ReVitapen Facial is customized to target management of fines lines, unwanted texture, blemishes or dark spots of hyperpigmentation.

ReVitapen’s collagen boosting technology improves tone, texture and balance, and restores a healthy, refreshed glow to your skin. Deeper layers of the skin are fed and stimulated resulting in increased cell turnover, something that slows as we age. This is where skin transformation begins…

Over the course of two weeks…

The deep delivery of targeted serums awakens the skin’s collagen-producing cells, which become sluggish and stagnant as we age. Over the course of just two weeks skin firmness and elasticity is increased. Your skin is left with an invigorated, youthful appearance. Long term improvements can continue to be seen for weeks even after a single facial. A series of only four to six ReVitapen Facials over a period of two to three months is recommended to achieve the maximum results and benefits.

$150 (60 minutes)

Biweekly/Monthly clients only  $140

ReVitapen Signature Facial $190 (90 minutes)

Biweekly/Monthly clients only $180

All of the benefits of the Revitapen Therapy but the additional time (1.5 hours) for luxurious face, scalp, shoulder, and decollate massage. Also a Hydrating Lip Trio Treatment and a aromatherapeutic foot/reflexology and hand/arm massage.

ReVitapen and The Facial Infusion $195

Biweekly/Monthly clients only $185

Skin conditioning required prior to this service . Contact me for details.

Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation $180

ReVit + Celluma LED therapy for acne or collagen boosting  , 1.5 hours

*You must not have used Retin-A or any other form of prescription topical tretinoin in the last 30 days, Accutane in 6 months, glycolic or salicylic acid in 30 days, or had a facial waxing service 24 hours prior.

Who is not a candidate for ReVitapen Facials?

  • Nursing or pregnant women
  • People with un-diagnosed lesions or skin infections
  • Recent herpes outbreaks
  • Severe rosacea
  • Scars less than 6 months old
  • Severe solar keratosis
  • Psoriasis, and people who are diabetic or have other auto-immune system disorders.
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